Ballot Issues


Title)  Funding School Safety and Essential Educational Related Expenditures through a One Mill Property Tax Levy

(wording)  Shall The School Board of Broward County levy an ad valorem property tax of one mill annually for fiscal years July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2027, to provide funding for (i) school resource officers, safety staff and mental health professionals, (ii) increasing compensation to recruit and retain teachers and staff and (iii) essential instruction related expenditures to preserve important programs, for the benefit of all traditional public and charter schools?

(explanation) In 2018, voters passed a one-half mill property tax for tax years 2018-2023.  That money supported 500 School Safety personnel, 100 Mental health professionals and 82M in salary supplements.   Since that tax is set to end, the School Board is now requesting a 1 mill property tax for fiscal years July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2027 for teachers, school resource officers, and mental health services, and will only be used for salaries.

A 1 mill property tax will increase your current tax bill by one-half mill which would be $50/yr/$100,000 taxable School Board valuation.  These funds stay within the school district.  Miami-Dade collects .75 Mill and is asking for 1 mill this election.  Palm Beach already collects 1 mill.


The bond issue currently in place should not be confused with this request.  It is for capital expenses such as school construction and repairs and cannot be used for salaries.

Yes:  Supports adding one-half mill to Broward School Tax to continue and increase funding for teachers and staff, resource officers, and mental health professionals.

No:  Allows current half-mill tax to end with no further additional funding for salaries.