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Election 2020


Middle and High School Election Resources and Lesson Ideas


The 2020 Election serves as another teachable moment for all of us as educators. We encourage you to review and use any of the resources listed below.  Additionally, as in the past, we will be implementing an Online Mock Vote through Kids Voting Broward. Online Voting will begin October 19th and will continue through November 3rd.  Directions on how students can vote will be sent closer to October 19th.

We have listed a few suggested “election” activities below that you can implement in your classroom or school-wide (virtually), in addition to a list of resources related to the election.


Suggested Election Activities:


  • Designate a School Election Coordinator to coordinate a plan to incorporate teaching strategies related to the election.
  • Coordinate a school-wide online voting initiative. Students will be able to vote online by going to or to beginning October 19th.
  • Have students create flyers encouraging others to register to vote and to vote.
  • Create a school-wide trivia game about the election process (implement through Canvas).
  • Announce brief facts about the election process in your school-wide daily announcements and/or in your virtual classroom.
  • View and utilize the Kids Voting Lessons available on the Secondary Social Studies SharePoint site:
  • Have students create online-virtual posters encouraging their peers to vote online. (Or, they can draw a picture on paper, take a photo with their phone and upload it to Canvas).
  • Notify parents and students that they may go to or (Supervisor of Elections Office Web site) to access information about the election. (Information can be put on your school web site or in your school newsletter).


Election Resources


Name Link What can be found?
PBS Learning: Election Central


·       Election News

·       Lesson Plans

·       Election Process

·       Elections in History

·       Inaugural Addresses

CSPAN:  Campaign 2020 Resources


·       Lesson Process

·       Election Process

·       Debates



·       Election Coverage

*Preview first

Classroom Law Project


·       Lesson Plans
I-civics: Politics and Public Policy


·       Lessons
Center for Civic Education


·       How to Vote

·       Lesson Plans

·       Resource Bank

Constitutional Rights Foundation


·       Electoral Process
Share My Lesson


·       Lesson Plans
Smithsonian Museum of American History


·       Vote:  The Machinery of American Democracy
Scholastic:  Elections:  Everything you need


·       Articles

·       Resources

·       Lesson Plans

·       Vocabulary

·       Mock Elections

National Archives


·       Electoral College:  FAQ
Education World



·       Class Activities

·       Connections

·       Webquests

·       Templates

Northeastern University: U.S. Political Conventions and Campaigns


·       History

·       Policy and Platforms

·       Campaign Finance

·       Nomination and Conventions

Vote Smart


·       Lesson Plans

·       Search politicians

·       Speeches

·       Bio

·       Ratings

·       Votes

New York Times:  Learning Network


·       Civil Conversation

·       News Articles

New York Times:  Learning Network


·       Ways to Engage Students
Student News Daily


·       Articles

·       Links

·       Discussion Questions

·       Daily News

·       Lesson Ideas

Broward Supervisor of Elections Office


·       Information and Resources for Voters
Joe Biden- Democratic Party Candidate


Official website for the Biden Campaign
Donald Trump- Republican Party Candidate


Official website for the Trump Campaign
Howie Hawkins- Green Party Candidate


Official website for the Hawkins Campaign
Jo Jorgensen- Libertarian Party Candidate


Official website for the Jorgensen Campaign
Democratic Party Platform


2020 Party Platform
Republican Party Platform


2016 Party Platform




Resolution Supporting the 2016 Party Platform (in 2020)

Green Party Platform


2020 Party Platform
Libertarian Party Platform


2020 Party Platform


The School Board of Broward County, FL

Department of Secondary Learning: Social Studies




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