Destination Democracy

Destination Democracy
Destination Democracy

Destination Democracy is the high school service-learning curriculum produced by KVUSA. It consists of two pieces, An Educator’s Guide and The Activities. Through the lessons in Destination Democracy , high school students practice the skills of democratic living as they learn important civic lessons in the classroom and participate in activities in their communities. The service-learning activities focus on meaningful civic involvement through voting, voter registration, working for political candidates, educating younger students about the political process, and addressing community issues of interest to high school youth. Destination Democracy can be used by high school teachers, club advisors, youth group leaders and others interested in engaging high school youth in service to their schools and communities.

Destination Democracy: The Activities
Concept 1 (pdf)
Concept 2 (pdf)
Concept 3 (pdf)
Concept 4 (pdf)
Concept 5 (pdf)